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2+ Film Fans

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15+ Minutes


Martini Shot is a movie trivia game that challenges your knowledge of prominent movies from all genres and decades. The goal of Martini Shot is to advance your team's game piece from start to finish by correctly guessing the titles of movies with clues from their plot, cast, characters, and more! The first team to correctly identify a film on the Martini Shot section of the board wins the game.


Each team places a game piece in the start section of the game board. You can download the printable game board here. Navigate to the spinner page on an internet-connected device that every player can see. The spinner determines the category of clue given.

The virtual deck of cards in Martini Shot allows you to play with a variety of decks, each with a different theme to match your movie preferences or expertise. Select a deck with your group to use during gameplay before starting the game.

Playing the Game

The player or team who most recently purchased a movie ticket reads first. The team to the left of the reader will guess first.

There are four clue categories:

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The guessing team will spin the spinner to determine what clue category they will receive.

The team's position on the game board corresponds to the difficulty of the movie that they will receive. For example, if the guessing team's game piece is on the easy section, the reader selects the “easy” difficulty level.

The reader reads aloud the year and genre of the movie, followed by the category and clue the guessing team has spun.

NOTE: When reading quote clues, avoid reading aloud the speaking character's name.

If the guessing team correctly guesses the title of the movie, they advance their game piece one spot clockwise on the game board.

If the guessing team guesses incorrectly, the play rotates clockwise to the next team, who will spin for a new clue. Play continues until a team either correctly guesses the title of the movie or all teams have guessed. No team can guess more than once per movie.

When the guessing team's game piece is on the Martini Shot – the section one spot away from finishing that features a full martini glass – all teams are allowed to guess at any time, regardless of their turn. Just remember, each team can only guess once per movie.

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