Frequently Asked Questions

The idea behind Martini Shot was to create a movie trivia game that could be regularly updated as new movies come out. Additionally, in other movie trivia games, it can be frustrating to give a losing team an obscure movie or have a winning team get a relatively easy movie. To solve this issue in Martini Shot movies become progressively more difficult.

Martini Shot is a term used for the last shot of the day on a film set. Many agree that the phrase was coined because the next shot after the Martini will be out of a glass instead of from the camera, as the cast and crew celebrate with a drink after production has ended for the day.

There are over 1,500 movies in Martini Shot, and new movies are added as they come out and grow in popularity. In fact, right now there are exactly 1,780 movies in the game!

The difficulty of each movie in the game is determined by a weighted average based on popularity, the movie’s rating on review sites, and the year of release.

Yes! Follow this link here. This is a great way to settle tiebreakers or even help decide which movie to watch next.

Martini Shot was adapted from the board game Pass the Popcorn. You can view the rules to Pass the Popcorn here.

Martini Shot was created using Python and the site was designed using Django. Movie information (title, year, plot, etc.) is collected from The Movie Database's API. You can view TMDb's site here. Martini Shot uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Some information has been altered to better fit the purposes of the game.

If you found incorrect info for a movie while playing, follow the link here and fill out the form so we can fix the mistake.

Jace Bothner and Jake Treat, two friends with a shared passion for film and the creative process, teamed up to create Martini Shot. You can read more about us and our project here. We’re active on Letterboxd so take a look at Jace’s profile and Jake’s profile to see what we’ve been watching lately!